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OFFoff x het balanseer: Rainald Goetz x Jean D.L.

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Art Cinema OFFoff 
Lange Steenstraat 14
B-9000 Gent

Pay What You Can

Book presentation of Gestoord, the first Dutch translation of the debut novel Irre (1983, Suhrkamp) by the German cult writer Rainald Goetz (1954). 

Translator Sebastian Roth will read from the novel in dialogue with musician and video artist Jean D.L. (1984), whose musical live universe of guitar and field recordings evokes echoes of cinematic landscapes, imaginative and hazy soundscapes. His film A Place is a triptych that paints an abstract, detached and at the same time intimist and interiorized portrait’ of various spaces, charged with affects and personal history. We look forward to welcoming Jean De Lacoste again more than a decade after the evening we dedicated to his films and music in 2011!

Expect a manic cut and paste fugue of text, sound and image!

In collaboration with publishing house het balanseer and Kunsthal Gent (Vrijdagavonden)

* * *

In Gestoord [Insane], a young, aspiring punk psychiatrist is confronted by the day-to-day practices and the reality of life in a psychiatric hospital and begins to fray at the edges. Even before this debut, Goetz was already an enfant terrible of the German literary world. During a reading of his story Subito at the ceremony of the Ingeborg Bachmannpreis, Goetz slit his forehead with a razor blade in front of the television cameras. The moment that he sliced open his skull and the blood dripped and dripped on his manuscript, the writer Rainald Goetz was born,” a German literary critic stated.

Sebastian Roth



Jean De Lacoste


Jean De Lacoste

A Place

BE • 2009 • 17' • colour • dv