With a few resumptions of canceled spring screenings and a number of new programs, OFFoff is totally back again. Get ready for some up-and-coming talent and lots of canonical movies.

You can find up-to-date information and the full program here.


Losing yourself in the other and getting closer to oneself at the same time? It can happen in love, but in film as well, distance can transform in closeness, carefull attention in total surrender. For that reason, in our spring programme, filmmakers surrender to the other, in a broad sense, based on a deeply felt affinity. A new generation of filmmakers – Jasper Rigole, Eva Beazar, Damien Manivel – enter into an intense dialogue with monumental figures – Gustav Deutsch, Mona Hatoum, Marie Menken – from the historical avant-garde.

Marie Menken, GO GO GO © Light Cone

23.09.19 OFFoff on Mondays

After fifteen years and a multitude of screenings, Art Cinema OFFoff is no longer a newcomer. And yet OFFoff will make its debut this autumn. For the first time, a fully-fledged seasonal programme will be set up in Kunsthal Gent, OFFoff’s new home base. It’s no coincidence that quite a few debut films will be screened. There’s Gabriel by Agnes Martin, Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren, Christmas on Earth by Barbara Rubin and 11 x 14 by James Benning. And that mostly on Mondays. Welcome to the festival!

11.01.19 OFFoff moves!

After fifteen years, OFFoff is leaving the Small Beguinage. In 2019, Kunsthal Gent will become our new home. The ingeniously designed screening space is still under construction, but nevertheless, OFFoff will be present with a broadcast, performances and – of course – films during the big (re)opening weekend of Kunsthal Gent. More news about the farewell to the old cinema and the inauguration of the new one will follow.

08.01.19 A new year, a new site

With our brand new website, it should be clear to everyone what time a screening starts and where it will take place. And even more important: from now on, no one can forget which programs occurred where and when in the past, and what exactly could be picked up. The OFFoff Archive will provide for this in the future. Here, you will not only find an overview of the past programs, but also additional text and images that will make you reflect and remember. No radiant future without a bright past!