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OFFoff@Film Fest Gent: City Dudes

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Studio Skoop
Sint-Annaplein 63
B-9000 Gent

€13 / €11 (reduction)

City Dudes is a screening series at the famed Roxy Cinema in New York, curated by the director-cinematographer Sean Price Williams and the critic Nick Pinkerton, the duo of The Sweet East (2023) which is showing at Film Fest Gent. 

Their always singular and subversive film choice is not revealed until inside the movie theater. At the invitation of Art Cinema OFFoff, they present for the first time a City Dudes screening outside of New York City! 

Sean Price Williams is the D.O.P. of the Safdie brothers (Good Time) and of clips for A$AP Rocky, Boygenius and Nas. Nick Pinkerton has been mentoring the Young Critics Workshop at Film Fest Gent for ten years and has written for Film Comment, Sight & Sound, Artforum, Frieze, Reverse Shot and the Village Voice.

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  • Going into a movie blind is a bit ris­ky, innit? Why would I opt to do that?
    Because Sean and Nick are big-brain movies geni­u­ses, and becau­se eve­ry show is gon­na be sick, and becau­se you’ll be stric­ken with crip­pling FOMO if you don’t.

    Can you at least be bot­he­red to give me some inkling of what I’ll see?
    Movies from all o’er the glo­be, span­ning from the dawn of cine­ma to its far-flung futu­re. The only cri­te­ri­on is that the fel­las are going to bring out that pri­va­te stock stuff eve­ry sin­gle time. Films that haven’t been play­ed to death around town, prof­fe­ring an alter­na­ti­ve his­to­ry of cine­ma, a cele­bra­ti­on of the bre­adth and depth of film his­to­ry, a pul­sa­ting moti­on pic­tu­re par­ty full of taut bodies hea­ving and swea­ting, backs arched in pri­mal ecs­ta­sy. There’ll be an ear­nest attempt to haul out film prints whe­ne­ver pos­si­ble, but if we got­ta go with a jan­ky file now and again, whelp, them’s the breaks.

    Sean and Nick about City Dudes
City Dudes 29 oktober 2022

Sean Price Williams & Nick Pinkerton introducing City Dudes, 29 October 2022, Roxy Cinema, New York.

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