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Metamkine: 16mm live cinema & music


Metamkine © Jennifer French

Oud Huis (Kunsthal Gent)

Lange Steenstraat 14

B-9000 Gent

€ 8 / € 5 Student

La Cellule d’Intervention METAMKINE is an open-ended group including musicians and filmmakers researching the relationship between image and sound. Since 1987, different concepts have been carried out and performed in festivals, galleries, cinemas and contemporary art spaces in the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Since 1995, they develop collaborations with other groups or artists like Nachtluft (Switzerland), Kinobits (France), Loophole Cinema (England), Tom Cora (USA), Le Cube (France), la Flibuste (France) and Voice Crack (Switzerland). 

Through the magic of mirrors, multiple projectors and highly ingenious live on stage editing, Metamkine produces and directs a new film with each of their performances. Working around a core narrative, they spill eddies of impromptu vignettes, accompanied by a live soundtrack of tape fragments and ancient synthesiser sounds. These three founding members, who have been working together for many years, succeeded in pushing the boundaries of film and soundtrack into the realm of live performance.

Metamkine offers us the rare experience of music liberated from servitude to cinema, and a live cinema projected like music itself with the projectionists enjoying the spontaneity of an instrumentalist. Their performances have a visceral impact that does not bypass the brain. (Tom Cora, New York) 

There is an orchestral quality, a Hitchcock-Herrmann grandeur to the work of this team of French projection and sound artists that is both perplexing and invigorating. The very hands-on manipulation of light is alchemical and magical, the structure of the set intriguing in its use of internal climactic steps and troughs. It felt like we were in the hands of dream masters… and when it was over we stumbled out shell-shocked and hazy, trying to remember our way home. (Gail Preist, Sidney)

  • Christophe Auger & Xavier Quérel: films and 16mm projectors
  • Jérôme Noetinger: electroacoustic devices.

This event takes place in the Old House (Oud Huis) of Kunsthal Gent instead of in our regular cinema. This means that their will only be 25 tickets available, all in advance sale. First come, first served!


Metamkine © Jennifer French


Metamkine © Jennifer French

Asier Gogortza

Metamkine © Asier Gogortza


Metamkine © Kristaps Kalns

Christophe Auger, Xavier Quérel & Jérôme Noetinger (Metamkine)