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Opening & Artist Talk: Suspension – Sebastian Diaz Morales

Sequence 1 Copy 7
Oud Huis
Lange Steenstraat 14

The mind was dreaming.
The world was its dream. 

Jorge Luis Borges

In Suspension a young man is hanging in the air, falling, or perhaps drifting through time and space. There is no particular definite way to understand his situation. The enlarged image of the falling man gains a monumental quality in the exhibition space, where spectators are able to move up and down stairs and plateaus to engage with the image in a more intimate way. The installation takes its departing point from Moebius’s comic strip Absoluten Caufeltrail, where a man falls endlessly, crossing in his plunge several gates or dimensions of parallel universes. In his re-imagination of a man’s fall, Sebastián Díaz Morales envisions the world as an endless void, evoking a timeless gravity that makes us fall deeper and deeper into our own humanity.

Diaz Morales’s questioning of reality in film, whether concerning landscape, the urban, or even the sociopolitical, has been marked from the very outset by a fundamental distrust of the belief in a single, unified reality. With Diaz Morales, the camera does not function as a medium for faithfully depicting and recording what is observed, but is an essential, even epistemic means for questioning and appropriating reality.

Diaz Morales’s examination of perception and reality is based on the assumption that reality itself is by nature highly fictional. I am very interested in the notion of reality and fiction. (…) My work explores the boundaries between reality and fiction,” says Diaz Morales. Thus, his films do not simply transport the viewer into another, surreal, or phantasmal realm, but they strip reality of its familiarity and distort it, making it seem like something else.

Presented by Art Cinema OFFoff and Kunsthal Gent.

Sebastian Diaz Morales


• 2014 • 14'30" • colour • dv