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Bits and Pieces – 2de Bachelor Mixed Media

Etinosa Verbiest 2 BAMM 2023
Art Cinema OFFoff
Lange Steenstraat 14
B-9000 Gent

Students in the second Bachelor year of Mixed Media at LUCA School of Arts Gent spent three days working with analog 16mm film at LABO BXL in Brussels.

LABO BXL is a laboratory dedicated to processing and researching film: exposing, developing, editing, transferring, transforming and testing images. During the three-day workshop guided by Els van Riel, the students were introduced to the Bolex camera, the chemistry, development and projection of 16mm film. The results of the workshop are diverse and stimulating, ranging from tactile studies to small film poems.

  • Films by:
    Etinosa Verbiest
    Franca Fay Zanetti
    Puck Wacki
    Elena Benzoni
    Fee Van den Berghe
    Florence Van Sprang

Duration: 30 minutes

This film program screens a second time at 20:00!­Thanks to Els Van Riel & LABO BXL with the support of LUCA Breakout #lucabreakout

­The exhibition and performances of the LUCA Graduation Show will also be on view at Kunsthal Gent.

Murmur affiche
Els van riel labo bxl