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Spaces of Cinema: Salon of the Ciné-Amateurs

Sretanje stills 1 1 5 rgb
Art Cinema OFFoff
Lange Steenstraat 14
B-9000 Gent
Afternoon program: €8 / €5 (reduction) — Evening program: €12 / €8 (reduction)

Each author gets to disturb the audience, to talk during the screening of his film to cast shadows on the screen, or to flash it with a flashlight.” Makavejev (1970)

Curators Petra Belc and Kaya Erdinç conducted extensive research into the work of the Yugoslav (amateur) filmmakers who participated in the Genre Film Festival (GEFF), an experimental arts festival that took place in Zagreb in the 1960s. GEFF was inspired by a series of discussions under the motto Antifilm and Us” and took place at the Ciné-club Zagreb. Each new edition of the festival pushed the emancipatory and exploratory potential of film to its limits. Everything was possible and everything was questioned. Rules were broken and a new view of the world was put forward. Referring to the (un)realized performative ideas of the organizers and the structure of GEFF’s program, Belc and Erdinç will revive the ambitions of that time and explore the current possibilities of what was an intensely revolutionary and humanist vision.



5:00 PM

Counselling on Experimental Cinema I

– Introduction: Politics of the A/​ma/​teur”

– Readings from texts written by Stan Brakhage, Maya Deren and more

– Q&A

6:00 PM

Selection of short films

– The Graduation (Excerpt), Claire Simon
– Prijepodne jednog fauna (Forenoon Of a Faun), Vladimir Petek and Tom Gotovac
K3 ili čisto nebo bez oblaka (K3 of Clear Sky Without Clouds), Mihovil Pansini
– Sretanje (Encounter), Vladimir Petek
– Scusa Signorina, Mihovil Pansini
– Termiti (Termites), Milan Šamec
– Kariokineza (Kariokinesis), Zlatko Hajdler
– Putovanje (The Journey), Bojana Vujanović
– Kako su me prvi put fotografisali (The First Photo of Me Ever Taken), Milenko Jovanović
– Dokument (The Document)
– I like the film, Ivan Martinac
– Kompozicija (The Composition), Vjekoslav Nakić
– Putositnice (Travelogue), Tatjana Ivančić
– Seoski put (Village Road), Nikola Đurić
– Početnica 1, 2, 3 (Primer 1, 2, 3), Mladen Stilinović
– Sobovi, dragi sobovi (Reindeers, Dear Reindeers)
– Madame Winger Makes A Film, Helen Hill



8:00 PM

Counselling on Experimental Cinema II

9:00 PM

Glenn Miller I: High School Playground, Tomislav Gotovac

10:00 PM

Home Movies, Vukica Đilas

Glenn Miller 1 2

Tomoslav Gotovac

Glenn Miller I: High School Playground

• 1977 • 45' • b&w • 16mm

Vukica Djilas

Home Movies

• 55' • colour • digital