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James Benning: Nightfall

Nightfall James Benning
Cinema Lumière
Sint-Jakobsstraat 36
€8,5 / €10

Filmed in a forest high up in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, Nightfall is a study of real-time light changing from daytime to complete darkness. Nothing happens – no wind, no movement, just changing light.
 — James Benning

This season’s opening film immediately brings the two threads of our new program into focus: nature and the relationship between film & the other arts. James Benning has been making patient observations of the American landscape for almost five decades, since 2009 digital instead of on 16mm film. Through a single static shot and avoidance of movement by man, animal or wind, Nightfall explores the twilight between the physical experience of time in film, the still image and – despite Benning’s deliberately unassuming composition – many landscape painters’ obsession with capturing the light. Benning, who started making films upon discovering composer John Cage, also turns this into a sound piece with birds as a prelude to the night music.

In collaboration with Concertgebouw Brugge, Cinema Lumière and Pelliculot
As part of the SLOW(36h) festival by Concertgebouw Brugge
With an introduction by Ruben Demasure (Art Cinema OFFoff)

James Benning


US • 2012 • 98' • colour • digital