Bioscopic Books: Final book presentation & screening

’21 20:00


Kunsthal Gent
Lange Steenstraat 14, Gent


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In the photos, films, objects and video works of Sophie Nys, Tine Guns and Nicolas Provost, the language of film often becomes the subject. In the context of the research project Bioscopic Books, they were invited to make a so-called ‘bioscopic book’ that balances on the border of the verbal and the visual, stasis and movement, showing and imagining. In her photobook, Tine Guns calibrates and visualizes the bond with her brothers taking the stars as her guide. Sophie Nys, on her part, made a contemporary as well as historically accurate ‘reprint’ of the black pages from Laurence Sterne’s 1759 book Tristram Shandy. Finally, Nicolas Provost edited his street photography into a suspense story about looking and being looked at on the pages of the book.

This closing presentation of the exhibition Bioscopic Books is a collaboration between LUCA School of Arts, Kunsthal Gent & Art Cinema OFFoff. The evening, in the presence of Sophie Nys, Tine Guns and Nicolas Provost, will alternate between several book presentations and film screenings. The book Alas by Sophie Nys is introduced by Prof. Dr. Peter de Voogd.

Peter de Voogd / Sophie Nys



Tine Guns

Watching the Black between the Stars


Tine Guns

Memory Blossoms

BE • 2011 • 11' • colour • digital

Nicolas Provost



Nicolas Provost

Plot Point

BE • 2007 • 15' • colour • digital