Atelier OFFoff in Kunsthal Gent

Not Blue © Tim Choin

’19 15:00


Kunsthal Gent
Lange Steenstraat 14, Gent



Event: ongoing from 15:00 to 18:00

In 2019 Kunsthal Gent will become the new home of OFFoff. During the grand reopening of Kunsthal, OFFoff presents a programme full of connections between cinema, radio and performance. On Sunday, Atelier OFFoff presents a programme of screenings, try-outs and performances, brought and curated by artists involved in the Atelier. Atelier OFFoff is an open, participative place within OFFoff for and by beginning filmmakers and artists.

Program: Atelier OFFoff

Now This Is Living © Yonas Seyoum
Damascenes, but only the Big Ones © Frederik Croene & Markéta de Borggraef
Orienteering © Lucie Doležalová

Koen Blauwblomme


BE • 1' • colour • digital

Tim Choin

Not blue

BE • 10' • colour • digital

Agnese Galiotto

Cain’s portrait

IT • 6'13" • colour • digital

The House With Lonely Animals

IT • 15' • colour • digital

Manon De Sutter

Mijn zaad is zwart. Waar is de wereld?

BE • 15' • colour • digital

Celine Aernoudt

Plethora In Mountain Scene

BE • 7'52" • colour • silent • digital

Yonas Seyoum

Now This Is Living

BE • 4' • colour • digital

Stine Sampers & Deveny Faruque

Dissecting Memories By Sound And Text

BE • 30' • colour • digital

Lucie Doležalová



Frederik Croene & Markéta de Borggraef

Damascenes, but only the Big Ones


Matthias Yzebaert (Club Mayz) & Yonas Seyoum

Dependent / Farewell Track / You Can’t Kill It