La Chambre Automatique

© Courtesy of the artists

’17 20:00


Art Cinema OFFoff
Lange Violettestraat 237, Gent

“Dear friends of the moving image,

Thanks to OFFoff, the space that invited our production in their room 8x12m, we are honored to wish you welcome to/invite you to a two-thirds-new piece by La Chambre Automatique:
When the document Document-Terre was founded, we decided to adapt two parts of the three to the screen. The two episodes called The Permitted Lands and The Outlaw were put in a life scene that carries the name: The Permitted Lands and the I. The third part, actually never shown nor in a lecture nor on screen, is an medieval history about the origin of the animated canvas, The Forgotten Theory.
We would like to welcome you for a re-introduction of the little documentary The Permitted Lands and the I prefaced by a lecture on ‘the forgotten theory’ on Monday the 27th of November in Art Cinema OFFoff”

La Chambre Automatique

The Forgotten Theory


La Chambre Automatique

The Permitted Lands and the I

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