Mona Hatoum (canceled)

Measures of Distance © Courtesy of Mona Hatoum

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The poetic and political oeuvre of Mona Hatoum is presented in a varied and often unconventional set of media, which include installation art, sculpture, video, photography and works on paper. Mona Hatoum was born in Beiroet in 1952 but her family’s origin is located in Palestine. In 1975, during a visit to Great Britain, war started in Lebanon and she was forced to stay in London.

Changing Parts shows the artist during a performance in London, naked in a container of which the sloping sides and the mud-covered soil prevent her from getting up. London is here presented as a maddening place while the images of war in Beirut radiate ease and comfort, coming from her own child memories of a safe bathroom at home.

Measures of Distance anticipates her evolution from more subjective performances with a strong focus on the human body to large-scale installations and sculptures which preoccupy her work in the 1990s where she tries to involve the audience in conflicting emotions of desire and aversion, fear and fascination, linked to themes like imprisonment and homeliness.

Mona Hatoum

So Much I Want to Say

GB • 1983 • 5' • b&w • digital

Changing Parts

CA/GB • 1984 • 25' • b&w • digital

Eyes Skinned

CA/GB • 1988 • 4' • colour • digital

Measures of Distance

GB • 1988 • 16' • colour • digital