Guest: Fiona Tan (canceled)

Koninkrijk der schaduwen © Courtesy of Fiona Tan

’20 20:00


Kunsthal Gent
Lange Steenstraat 14, Gent


€ 8 / € 5 (reduction)

In collaboration with LUCA School of Arts, De Filmavonden.

“Thou shalt not make graven images nor worship them.” This (protestant) second commandment is the point of departure for Fiona Tan to scrutinize our complex thoughts and feeling towards the ceaseless stream of pictures, which fill life and memory. By means of an associative collage Tan explores her own personal vision on how memory and imagination are intertwined in today’s society, and how the act of looking in itself contains the process of creation, not in the least the construction of our own (cultural) identity. In Kingdom of Shadows four different characters present their most beloved pictures: a collector in Amsterdam, a cinematographer who collects amateur photos in Boedapest, a retired press photographer in Hamburg and an artist in New York. The pictures they show us are humorous, endearing and heartbreaking.

Koninkrijk der schaduwen © Courtesy of Fiona Tan

Fiona Tan

Koninkrijk der schaduwen

NL • 2000 • 50' • colour & b&w • digital