De Langste (Film) Nacht

’20 17:00



In some countries and cultures, they traditionally celebrate the beginning of winter with a great fire that burns until the break of dawn. Let’s replace that fire with the light from our screens and spend the whole night together apart, with cinema.

You can take this quite literally with the end-of-the-year film marathon during De Langste (Film) Nacht, organized by Kuleshov, the film program of

The night of the 21st and 22nd of December is the longest night of the year, let’s celebrate with great movies, delicious food and close friends. Various cinema partners shared their film choices in a promising and unique program that you can follow through different online platforms. From American biographical drama to classic horror, from 5 pm ‘till dawn.

During this night, OFFoff will present some short interventions: a quartet of still night music with a hymn, moths, the stars and Stan Brakhage as the returning poet of the night. Brakhage (1933-2003) is one of the most prominent avant-garde filmmakers of the 20th century. The American experimental film virtuoso made a total of more than 300 – mostly silent – films with a duration of a few seconds to a few hours.

Be surprised by the experimental touch of Art Cinema OFFoff’s choices in a varied program that is the result of a collaboration between different cinemas in Ghent such as KASKcinema, Sphinx Cinema, Studio Skoop, Cine Rio and with delicious meal boxes delivered at home by Cine Mangiare.

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Stan Brakhage

First Hymn to the Night - Novalis

US • 1994 • 3' • colour • silent • 16mm

Night Music

US • 1986 • 30'' • colour • silent • 16mm


US • 1993 • 3' • colour • silent • 16mm


US • 1962 • 4' • colour • silent • 16mm